Saturday, September 26, 2009

Nyala, Alfasher and Aldia`ain

Recently, I've visited Darfour region and it's major cities except Aljennena. Since I've been in the Northern and Eastren sudan. I had been interested to travel the western part. I was asked to check on our branches there and install a new hardware "Firewall". The installations took me 2 hours since I'd prepared everything in advance.
Nyala is a big city, the seconed largerest population in Sudan after Khartoum. "4 million". Most of the Sudanese tribes are living there. Lots of NGO's. Renting a house in Nyala could be a tough task to do comparing to Khartoum. I've been told that due to the number of NGO's that came and still coming to Nyala. An ordinary house could cost 1000$ a month and that's is not expensive at all. I enjoyed myself with the green grass that covers Nayala and all other cities.
From Nyala I went to Alfasher. I could not go around much in Alfasher. The branch manager there is a very likable man. He has his own Radio program at the main radio station at Alfasher. I could swear that he knows everyone in Alfasher. He stops hundred times to say Hello to his acquaintances while we are heading home or anywhere else.

Then back to Nyala to travel to Aldia`an. I stayed two days there and took a helicopter "UNAMID" to go there. It was my first time to ride a helicopter. All the passengers were soldiers. Honesty, I was afraid a bit and the worse thing ever was the noise even after putting a headset.


MADO said...

welcom back,that was good info, i wish u tell more about Darfour as much as u can.

P.s post more often please

Taha said...

Thanks Mado.
Sure I will.