Saturday, September 26, 2009

Nyala, Alfasher and Aldia`ain

Recently, I've visited Darfour region and it's major cities except Aljennena. Since I've been in the Northern and Eastren sudan. I had been interested to travel the western part. I was asked to check on our branches there and install a new hardware "Firewall". The installations took me 2 hours since I'd prepared everything in advance.
Nyala is a big city, the seconed largerest population in Sudan after Khartoum. "4 million". Most of the Sudanese tribes are living there. Lots of NGO's. Renting a house in Nyala could be a tough task to do comparing to Khartoum. I've been told that due to the number of NGO's that came and still coming to Nyala. An ordinary house could cost 1000$ a month and that's is not expensive at all. I enjoyed myself with the green grass that covers Nayala and all other cities.
From Nyala I went to Alfasher. I could not go around much in Alfasher. The branch manager there is a very likable man. He has his own Radio program at the main radio station at Alfasher. I could swear that he knows everyone in Alfasher. He stops hundred times to say Hello to his acquaintances while we are heading home or anywhere else.

Then back to Nyala to travel to Aldia`an. I stayed two days there and took a helicopter "UNAMID" to go there. It was my first time to ride a helicopter. All the passengers were soldiers. Honesty, I was afraid a bit and the worse thing ever was the noise even after putting a headset.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Racism against Sudanese

Are We Arab?
This is a question that has been asked over and over on the Sudanese Debates. Most of the Sudanese are agreed that we are Arab tribes that had been mixed with Nubian tribes which means we are originally Africans Not Arab. Is that explaining the Racism against Sudanese and dark skin in the Arab world
There was a time when racism in the Arab world towards people of darker skin was hidden. but now, the media is making it in public.
I will give two examples:

There is a news article published on "",
Alarabiya news channel is one of the top two channels in the arab news channels. It's an article about Southern Sudanese women who had been arrested by the police for wearing an indecent cloths (Short and Tight). It's a normal thing "Arabiya is doing it's work". But they added the ability for comments which made Arabs to express their unseen, cruel feeling about Sudanese girls.
The most shocking thing for me is that they don't know about Sudan as much as we know about their countries. Despite the fact that there are many Sudanese live in the Arabs countries. They don't know that the southern Sudanese primordially are Christians! And there is no authority for the GOS there!. So they are not Arabs if they consider us as Arabs and they are not Muslim. I took some of the rude comments here. I did not have time to translate most of them.
1- A comment was given by Gadah

ãÑÉ ÓÃáæ ÇáÝäÇä ÑÇÛÈ ÚáÇãÉ Úä ÃÌãá ÈäÇÊ ÇáÚÇáã ÝÞÇá ÇááÈäÇäíÉ æÓÃáæå Úä ÃÞÈÍ ÈäÇÊ ÇáÚÇáã ÝÞÇá ÇáÓæÏÇäíÉ ¡¡ ÇáÓæÏÇäíÇÊ ãæ ãÛÑíÇÊ ááÑÌá ãÔÇä íäÎÇÝ ãäåÇ ¡¡ Ýíåä ÇáãËÞÝÇÊ æÇáãÊÚáãÇÊ áßä ãÛÑíÇÊ ÂÓÝÉ ßÊíÑ ¡¡ ãÇ Ýí ¡¡¡ Ýßá ÓæÏÇäí íÍØ ÅíÏæ Èãíå ÈÇÑÏÉ æÃäÇ ÈÖãä Åäæ ÑÍ íÚíÔ ÈãÃãä ãä ÇáÝÊäÉ.. ÝáÇåÇ ÇáÊÖííÞ Úáì ÇáäÇÓ æÎáæ ßá æÇÍÏ íáÈÓ íáí ÈÏæ íÇå ¡¡ Çááå ÎáÞ ÇáÞÑæÏ æÎáÞ ÛÒáÇä
She said:
God created gazelles "Arabs see gazelle as the most beautiful creatures" "referring to lebanese" and God created monkeys. She didn't not stop there, she mentioned that a lebanese singer Ragheb Alama "Who thinks himself the smartest singer in the Arab world" once said that Sudanese women are the ugliest women on earth.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2- A comment is given by Mohammad Toaima who said "Let them wear what they want, they are so ugly no one would care if they wore cloth or walked butt naked"
2 A comment is given by a guy who called himself brother "There is no need to worry about them as they don't have anything remotely related to sexual appeal", his sentiments were replicated by another who called himself sssss.
Please check the link, there are more ugly comments..
Example Number Two:
A cartoon that was shown in Ramadan by a famous egyptian actor Moahmmed Hinaidi had at least three episodes referring to Sudan or Sudanese. It happened during the month of Ramadan on Satellite Arab TV. ( a guy who refers to himself as syrian said this "Sudanese people are black in skin, but they OVERCOME this by being white hearted". Haaa, thank you very much Mr. Syriaan guy but no thanks.
Please check the link!
To be continued !